Gateway Reviews and Assurance

The (Cabinet Office UK Government’s) Gateway Review process is designed to enhance success by improving decisions on investment initiatives and ensuring that the investment is aligned to strategic plans.  It also assists to improve the investment selection ensuring that project risks and delivery terms are identified and addressed. This has proven to be of great benefit within the private sector as well as Government.

QVC’s staff are registered Gateway Reviewers and we provide independent project reviews with key stakeholders and the project team at six key decision points in the project life cycle where potential issues are identified and appropriate mitigation strategies are developed.  The partnership with the project team and stakeholders is designed to ensure that we plan for success. About QVC Solutions

Reviews are 3-4 days in duration plus 2 days of preparation and reporting and provide a confidential, concise and action based report. It is important to remember that the Gateway process is not an audit but is a very good way of getting external advice on how your project might besuccessful.

The six reviews have a direct link to the project life cycle.

Key benefits of the Gateway process include providing key stakeholders with increased understanding of the project key success criteria, scope and outcomes.  It provides a mechanism for ensuring that repeated deficiencies are corrected and thereby increasing the success of the outcomes. These are items that may have been overlooked in the initial preparation.

The Gateway Review process is not a stop/go signal it only provides via the use of traffic light reporting the urgency of addressing the recommendations:

  • Red- Critical before progressing
  • Amber- address before next review
  • Green- Potential improvements.

Independent Quality Assurance

Leveraging our review processes that have been developed and continually improved over the past ten years, QVC is able to deliver a consistent set of credible review outcomes at multiple stages in a project life-cycle from Initiating and Planning through to Post Project Reviews and Benefits Realisation.  QVC has developed specific processes for each component of a project. Research indicates that Independent Quality Reviews are one of the single best ways to really understand what is happening on your project and these reviews provide the best, most factual and least emotive, ways of getting advice on how to course correct.

QVC has conducted over 1,000 reviews and complements the Gateway Review, which does not cover the Execution or Delivery Phase/Stage of the project.

Milan MallThe assurance costs are typically between 0.04 – 1.00% of the total project costs making them  affordable and offer value for money, when put up against the savings that can be made by uncovering potential problems or the assurance that your project will achieve the desired result.

QVC is an Assurance Panelist for Queensland State Government Major Initiatives

Implementation Reviews

Harnessing the valuable lessons from a project and learning from the lessons is key to project maturity. QVC can assist you to answer the valuable question “Did we achieve what we set out to do, in business terms and if not why not” through a formal review of a project or program. We assist clients to ensure that lessons learnt stay with their organisation and add value to future work when the project managers move on, and they frequently do.

QVC assists clients through a structured project implementation review process, using our standard templates and processes to ensure that you:

  • Do not repeat the same mistakes from project to project
  • Improve the probability of balancing the constraint so as to not have cost or schedule overruns on future projects.

Eagle in flightTiming of a project implementation review is important as it needs to correlate to when benefits are expected to be achieved e.g. for a construction, development or procurement project, a project implementation review is undertaken when there has been time to demonstrate the business benefits of a new service or building. For a major program of change there may be several reviews undertaken over time. The output from the project implementation review is a major input into the Gateway review.

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