PM Methodology Endorsement

QVC provides endorsement of your project management methods, tools and process enabling you to demonstrate to your clients or internal stakeholders that you are able to run projects effectively.

PM Method Endorsement

Many clients approach us asking how can they best demonstrate that their project management is in good working order.

QVC is a registered consultant with the Project Management Institute (PMI), the largest project management association in the world and author of the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBoK®). QVC staff are also PRINCE2® and MSP® practitioners and have vast experience at project management maturity assessments.

QVC has a long history of assessing organisations project management capability and has done so across many industry sectors.


RCP QVC Logo2Having your PM Methodology endorsed provides a number of benefits:

  • Assesses the overall effectiveness of existing organisational processes and practices
  • Identifies specific strengths
  • Identifies any weaknesses that can be tightened to improve outcomes
  • Provides assurance to clients and stakeholders that your projects are likely to be successful

Some organisations do not need to target a high level of project management maturity and so QVC’s endorsement is aligned to your objectives for project management.

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* PMI and the PMI logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.