PM Methodology Optimisation

Instead of conducting a full project management maturity assessment, QVC can also offer a PM methodology optimisation.


Method Optimisation

PM Methodology Optimisation

Assess Method

The assessment reviews the project management tools, templates and processes and then looks at some examples of how these are actually being conducted in real projects.  This bridges the gap from the theory to the practice and informs the optimisation team of potential gaps in the execution of the process.

If a PMO exists, the PMO is interviewed to understand what’s working well and what’s not working so well.  Project Managers are interviewed for the same inputs.  QVC then uses expert judgement and experience to ascertain the best changes to optimise the PM methodology to fit the needs of the organisation, without any transformation.  an action plan is developed.

Implement Changes

The changes are implemented in a controlled manner with excellent communication.  This appears straightforward but requires buy-in from stakeholders to deliver the value of the changes.

Track Changes

The changes are monitored to ensure they are having the desired effect.  Communication and tools or processes are adjusted according to the feedback and where possible the organisation’s staff are used to minimise costs.


The impact of the changes are measured and compared to the objectives defined at the beginning of the optimisation process.  QVC will continue to optimise until the objectives are met.

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