PMO Implementation

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The PMO can mean various things to people, for some its Portfolio Management Office, others it maybe Project or Program Management Office. Whatever it is for you the PMO requires a charter to clearly define its purpose and objectives at QVC we make this all very simple.

QVC are able to design and improve PMO’s across all industry sectors. We work with the key authors of the world’s leading PMO methodologies and we have an excellent track record of implementing PMO’s.

It is important that a PMO fits the purpose within the organisation and that the complexity matches the value and importance given to the project, program or portfolio management. It is vital not too create too much process or documentation, the minimum to get the job done with an appropriate level of risk according to the organisation’s risk profile. Below is a diagram of the dangers of high documentation.

Maturity Pendulum

Too little documentation leads to high risk on the project, whilst too much documentation leads unhappy staff, which in turn may reduce the quality of the documentation provided and result in a break down of the process. By implementing the methodology in the PMO it will safeguard against this happening.

Implementing a PMO for the first time is a change to people’s roles and activities. At QVC we place a strong emphasis on communication and support to those stakeholders that might not be used to working with a PMO.

The key message is the value that a PMO can extract for your organisation. PMO’s can reduce costs by as much as 15% but only if implemented successfully. Organisations most successful with Project Management, almost always have PMO’s.

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