QVC has a deep understanding of banking and finance. We have delivered core banking systems, loan origination's, card systems, mortgage products, ATM solutions, customer service solutions, compliance and risk systems and much more.  Additionally we've worked with a number of insurance firms. We understand and appreciate the culture and pressure of a banking environment, with our CEO holding a non-executive board member position at a credit union and our lead sales manager having over 5 years banking experience.

Previous QVC Solutions projects...


This project was to align with the Austrac AML/CTF requirements.  It involved replacing an existing system for identifying customers and involved interfacing to aging customer systems that were not well understood at the Bank.  We used an Agile approach to project management and completed an in-house development of the required system in a timeframe and cost that made competitors jealous.  A leading retail banking leader said that she had not experienced such a smooth implementation in 20 years at the Bank.

Core Banking

One of three Core Banking replacements we have managed was conducted in Sydney.  This was a very large project working with the Bank’s leadership team every week.  The key was to keep the organisational change working well and get the communication right.  Retaining confidence in the staff and executives helped us deliver the project successfully.

Card Systems

We visited the supplier in the USA at the start of the project to build the relationship and this turned out to be very worthwhile.  As a smaller bank, relative to the larger US banks, we had to ensure the vendor was paying our requirements the right attention.  Implementation for this solution was particularly challenging as we had to get it 100% right with a lot of pressure on any small mistakes.  Our testing was intensive but we got the right result first time.


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