Our alignment with engineering through project management is very strong.  QVC has provided a series of reviews and delivered projects that have added value to this sector.  In particular, we have found that the engineering world focuses very much on the design at the expense of the project management.

Building Construction

We recently completed building construction, on a very large works site, to house 100 staff in an office environment.  The work including the complete construction and fit out and had competing priorities from key stakeholders.  Completed on time and within budget.

Jetty Repair

A mission critical infrastructure component, this jetty was in urgent need of repair.  The project was heading towards an uncertain end so QVC was engaged to turn the project around.  We were able to help immediately with our fast project delivery processes.  We soon had the project under control and steered the project to a successful completion with a great Board meeting resulting in improved asset management policies.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Our client had a need to recruit people very quickly when new mines or construction projects came along.  Their manual system and processes were not able to cope.  QVC conducted a tender process to meet the defined requirements and then worked on the configurations before the Australia-wide rollout.  Many of the stakeholders didn’t appreciate the rigour at the start but were pleased for it by the end of the project.

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