QVC has been working with a wide range of energy and water organisations across Australia, from asset management to business systems and ICT.  We’ve grown a good understanding of asset management and the business systems required to support these organisations.  Here are three example projects.

Asset Designed As Constructed

Our client had refused a bid from an in-house competitor for $866,000 and thrown the job to us.  We selected and engaged a third party for a small component of the solution.  This involved changes to business processes across several departments and external engagement of our client’s customers.  By placing the best people on the project we were able to bring the project in on time and for $425,000, less than half the price originally quoted by the competitor, leaving a very happy client.

Odour Modelling

Working with our modelling partner, we managed a series of projects for a client in South Australia.  Initially we were brought in to rescue the first project in the series.  Our role was to implement scope control and an achievable plan based on good estimation and risk assessments.  We managed to restore the relationships and produce a good result.

Safe Work System

Another struggling project engagement has seen QVC provide advice and planning to an otherwise troubled project.  We conducted a project review and then developed the integrated schedule following an accelerated planning workshop.  All is currently well now as we continue to provide planning and assurance services.

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