Over 50% of QVC’s business last year was in government.  We’ve worked with about 20  departments across State and Federal Governments and five local councils, some of which are very large.  Our understanding of policy development and legislation is firm.  We’ve been engaged in disability, health, education, justice, police, communities, resources, infrastructure, transport, roads, treasury, ICT, state archives, research and innovation.

We get the culture.  We train and deliver and advise.  We’ve held government-wide audiences and workshops and we’re currently defining sustainable portfolios of projects and programs.

Disability Program

A large-scale program to change the finance model and engagement of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).  A highly contentious and complex program requiring significant stakeholder analysis and engagement, we worked closely with the Deputy Director General, as sponsor, to deliver the program successfully.

Electronic Document Management System (eDRMS)

We are currently delivering an eDRMS in a highly complex environment.  Originally intended as a cloud solution, the client changed direction and we have managed that change very effectively.  This project has involved a long and tricky procurement process and a large number of stakeholders.  Technically, the project has integrations that are complex.


This program is changing the way in which this government organisation operates.  Mobile devices will change business processes and make more staff available for front line services.  Our role on this piece was to conduct a program assurance and work with the team to ensure they deliver successfully.  Our report was received very well by the senior stakeholders and program team alike.  We have become their trusted advisers moving forward.

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