QVC has delivered ICT projects in every one of its 13 years of operation.  ICT has represented over 50% of QVC’s business during that time.  Projects have ranged from highly technical and complex infrastructure to security to applications and large business system implementations.

They include ICT Transformations, Cloud migrations, large integration projects and programs, business system procurement then configuration and customisation, mobility, desktop rollouts and refreshes, disaster recovery and business continuity, remote access, server rationalisations, single sign-on, upgrades to various technology, network redesign and expansion and so much more.

Here are a few recent projects...

ICT Transformation

This project involved the whole range of ICT components.  Starting with an ICT strategy and change roadmap, we delivered significant cost savings of over $2.5m per annum through server rationalisation, licence consolidation and an application audit.  We delivered a new SOE, ITIL process and a service desk product and improved customer experience significantly.

Electronic Document Management System (eDRMS)

We are currently delivering an eDRMS in a highly complex environment.  Originally intended as a cloud solution, the client changed direction and we have managed that change very effectively.  This project has involved a long and tricky procurement process and a large number of stakeholders.  Technically, the project has integrations that are complex

Network Expansion & Refresh

The business case for expanding a large corporate network is not always easy to prove.  We managed to link this investment to future business imperatives that could not take place without this significant investment.  The need for business continuity during the network upgrade was critical and we managed this without a flinch.  Clear communication is essential to large infrastructure projects like this.

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