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New Tokyo: A Modern Marvel

The development of new technologies, materials and advancements in building design and understanding have led to some of the modern world’s most interesting and advanced buildings; including the worlds smartest and greenest building, The Edge, and the worlds tallest building, the famous Burj Khalfia. As project managers we have a unique understanding of the effort, time(…)

Fun in the workplace: The Benefits.

Fun and work are two words that aren’t usually placed in the same sentence, let alone the same category. However, leading author of ‘The Lazy Project Manager” Peter Taylor says why shouldn’t they be? And he is right, or at least his new book ‘The Project Manager Who Smiled’ provides evidence as to the fact(…)

Your Earning Potential!

How much will I earn? What is my annual salary? However you spin it, knowing our earning potential is important to us (especially in our Western Society). Understanding the numerical value placed upon our skills, experience and certifications is greatly advantageous for organisations and us as individuals. Knowing the weight placed on this information the(…)

Communication: A powerful word.

Communication. It is a word of power within the business world, and so it should be! With every article related to ‘optimal employee traits’ published between now and the start of time (modern internet accessibility!) directly or indirectly referencing communication. But why is communication so important? Aside from the obvious, communication is how we influence(…)

Scaling Team Development

Organisational and team development is essential within the ever-changing professional environment. However guiding this change can be at times both challenging and frustrating. Why? One reason is known as the Dunning Kruger Effect; a psychological effect, concerning cognitive bias, in which an individual lacking specific skills, mistakenly evaluates their abilities to be much higher. Simple(…)

Why Project Manager should possess Sales and Marketing Knowledge.

You may ask yourselves why as a project manager would I need to possess and utilise sales and marketing techniques and knowledge? Simply it is about stakeholder engagement! Holloway (2015) discusses that many new project managers, with their certificate in one hand and textbook in the other, struggle when faced with a difficult stakeholder. Holloway(…)

Stakeholder Communication: Reduce the ‘risks’

Stakeholders, the name says it all. They are every group or individual with an interest or concern in your business, or project outcomes. More than often they’re a very wide and diverse group, with varying views and values. In saying that though they are concerned with one thing; success! And they should be, with 50%-90%(…)

5 Trends in Project Management

Things change! Whether it be a physical, technological or business change, change is irrefutable. Cavone (2015) reports that organisational change in this modern era is a necessity not a nicety, in order for business survival and success. Cavone (2015) continues discussing how project management is not exempt from this change; reporting on the ‘5 Current(…)