Communication. It is a word of power within the business world, and so it should be! With every article related to ‘optimal employee traits’ published between now and the start of time (modern internet accessibility!) directly or indirectly referencing communication.

But why is communication so important?

Aside from the obvious, communication is how we influence and engage other people’s thoughts and actions; important virtues within the business world (Bourne, 2015). Bourne (2015) has discussed previously how to communicate effectively with stakeholders. Choosing to expand on this topic, Bourne’s recent article focuses on the ‘directed communication’ needed to change the attitude or behavior of a small group of critical stakeholders.

Whether this change be:

  • To prevent any deterioration in currently satisfactory attitudes.
  • To improve a currently unsatisfactory attitude.
  • To stop or reduce damaging or negative actions or behaviors.
  • To ensure or encourage supportive actions or behaviors.

Bourne steps through the process, ensuring effective and efficient communication.

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