The development of new technologies, materials and advancements in building design and understanding have led to some of the modern world’s most interesting and advanced buildings; including the worlds smartest and greenest building, The Edge, and the worlds tallest building, the famous Burj Khalfia.

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The Edge, Amsterdam

As project managers we have a unique understanding of the effort, time and collaboration that is required in order to complete one of these modern marvels. It is for this reason we can truly appreciate the planned proposal of ‘New Tokyo‘.

New Tokyo merges the brilliance of The Edge, with the height of the Burj Khalfia, plus more! Designed to provide coastal defence, vital transport links and homes to half a million people, New Tokyo is a modern marvel in a league of it’s own. And, the centre piece in all this the Sky Mile Tower. Standing over 1,700 metres tall (double that of the Burj Khalfia), the Sky Mile Tower would be a Goliath amongst David’s.

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The Buhj Khalfia (828m)

The proposed tower would have the resources to cloud harvest, support local agricultural and of course provide some 55,000+ residents with high end shopping opportunities. All this by 2045!

It this new age of mega-tall structures we new project management would reach new heights, but just how high?