You may ask yourselves why as a project manager would I need to possess and utilise sales and marketing techniques and knowledge? Simply it is about stakeholder engagement! Holloway (2015) discusses that many new project managers, with their certificate in one hand and textbook in the other, struggle when faced with a difficult stakeholder.

Holloway (2015) goes on to detail that there are two professionals that regularly deploy the skills required to manage difficult stakeholder; being salespeople and marketing professional, particularly advertisers. ‘Salespeople are good at persuading and influencing individuals‘ (Holloway, 2015, pg.4). They have an unkempt ability to alter a person’s perception of a product or service, manipulating their decision-making process (Holloway, 2015). Seemingly salesperson look beyond the business point of sales and engage individuals on a personal level.

Contrarily marketing professionals, particularly advertisers are good at convincing large groups (Holloway, 2015). They understand and map the psychological desires and needs of an audience, delving into how audiences make decisions and response to messages.

It is for the reasons above that project managers, especially those new to the field should inform themselves with the process and skills of sales and marketing professionals.

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