Programs are not just projects on a grander scale. Programs consist of a set of related projects and associated activities that all contribute to the same strategic outcomes and programs are generally more complex than projects. Where projects focus on delivering good quality products within cost and time constraints, programs focus on transformational change – not just on delivering products, but on using the products to transform organisations and achieve real business improvements. Consolidating related projects and activities into a program structure makes it easier to focus on the desired end state and the benefits that will bring and helps to overcome the common causes of project and program failure. Programs can reduce duplication of effort, ensure that the level and impact of change is manageable, and focus on measurable improvements to be achieved from significant business change.

Similarly, program management is not just project management of a large project. The skills needed to manage programs effectively are different, though complementary, to those needed to manage projects. An effective program manager will be strategically focused, comfortable with change and in uncertain environments, and be a strong leader with excellent negotiation skills.

From the London Olympics to digital transformations, QVC consultants have many years’ experience working with complex programs, and we can help you manage your program from start to completion.

At the start:

Setting up the right level of governance, involving the right stakeholders and developing a clear vision of what you want the change to achieve is crucial to set the program up for success from the start.

Through the program:

Keeping the program on track to deliver on its vision and achieve its benefits is key during program delivery. Activities focus on making sure that projects are delivering the right things, at the right time, and that they can be used by the business to drive real change and achieve real improvements.

At the end:

Closing down a program cleanly and effectively is as important as starting it properly. Making sure that the program has delivered the required capabilities, confirming it’s on track to achieve its outcomes and benefits, and learning lessons to improve future programs are key aspects of closing a program.

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