QVC Projects

Building and maintaining a high performance project environment demands accomplished individuals with the right background to hit the ground running. We offer a deep pool of pre-qualified QVC talent available for delivering the right people to lead mission critical projects and programs. QVC project and program managers typically have over ten years experience along with a certification such as PMP®, RegPM, Prince®2, MSP or AgilePMTM.

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QVC offers a full service end-to-end solution for identifying, engaging, onboarding and integrating project and program managers to deliver successfully to desired outcomes.

We take care to understand the background and context of each project or program, and ensure our staff provide as close a skills match as possible, considering complexity, industry experience and technical knowledge.

Proven Expertise, Outstanding Results

QVC is a specialist provider of project management services – not a recruitment agency. We engage only seasoned professionals with a track record of solid experience and tangible results. Our focus is on helping organisations succeed on all their projects to the fullest extent possible. We take care to ensure that every project and program benefits from the leadership, management and support needed to satisfy stakeholders and be a success.

We have substantial expertise in all aspects of project, program and portfolio management and across diverse industries including construction, engineering, mining, IT, retail, local and state government, finance, energy and more. Our project managers understand different project management approaches and can quickly adopt client processes or leverage QVC project and program toolkits.

Engaging QVC professionals enables projects to begin in a timely manner, avoiding the need to delay startup or overstretch internal staff because of other commitments. Our project managers commit from the start, take ownership of their project or program objectives and deliver quality results through QVC’s own internal assurance procedures. We balance managing and control know-how with technical expertise and building a high performing project team.

QVC partners for the long term, building solid relationships with our clients to increase understanding of their business, their challenges and their culture. And where possible we re-engage the same people for the same client to ensure consistency, repeatability and trusted delivery.

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