Agile Project Management

Osprey's BackQVC helps organisations and government departments embrace Agile methods and techniques.

QVC recently delivered a large decentralised project for a major financial institution using a blend of Agile and non-Agile methods, proving that there is a place for Agile within larger, geographically dispersed projects.

The project was highly complex with data cleansing and data migration challenges.  the testimonials were very rewarding including one that simply said, “we’ve never rolled a project out so successfully across the business before”.

For a manufacturing organisation in Melbourne, QVC delivered Agile ‘demystification’ training and took the project managers and business analysts on a journey of change to implement Agile techniques into their projects.

QVC will provide your Agile coaching and help to embed these cost reducing techniques into your projects.

We have adopted the standard processes and methods from the Agile Academy and certifies its consultants through this organisation.

QVC is a signatory to the Manifesto of Agile Software Development.

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