QVC has engaged with several universities and research centres to deliver research projects.  We’ve found that working with researchers can be a challenge to separate out the science from the project management at first.  But generally, there is nothing more a scientist wants than to get rid of the administration and paperwork of project management.  They want to focus on their science.

Estimating can be problematic initially and we have learned to work carefully to develop the right schedule with an appropriate level of tracking.

In two organisations, we have also helped to refocus them with project management.  Much of their revenue is often through projects and so the pipeline and related processes are key to success.

Gladstone Port - Impact on Migratory Shorebirds

A trans-disciplinary team of world-class ecologists have been assembled to determine the carrying capacity and the population size of migratory shorebirds that might be impacted by the Gladstone Port.  The project has drawn on experiences around the globe and involved the development of scientific techniques to conduct the research.  Planning has been very detailed and our first year was severely hampered by weather.

Environmental Water Knowledge & Research

This project improves Australian Federal Government’s knowledge of the linkage between, and impacts of, ecological (hydrological, aquatic and terrestrial) responses to releases of dam water over a five year period.  We’re collaborating with a range of other stakeholders in this field making the project slower and more complex.  Clear communication and scope control are key focus areas for us as we move forward.

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