Some feedback from a recent participant:

“Overall I found this course useful and creating a project as part of the learning was fantastic. I have a great deal to think about and can see me using a lot of tools from this training for future projects. Thank you”

“I found the course was very interactive and a great way to learn the foundations of project management. It was very beneficial to have a facilitator with such extensive experience in this area. I would definitely recommend this course to others.” 

“I really appreciated the practical applicability of the course.  Hearing Dave’s own experiences from various projects made the principles of project management relatable.  I left the course with a solid, basic understanding of the principles of project management, and also with the appropriate tools to launch my entry into the field.  Being able to use the project I am currently involved with throughout the course also was a  great help. I am keen to apply the learnt principles ASAP!”

“This course provided an excellent overview of the key elements of project management. I will be using many of the tools and approaches from the course on my current and future projects. Dave shares his knowledge and experiences in a way that keeps the course interesting and engaging throughout”