As Chief Information Officer for Watpac Corporate Services, we worked with QVC solutions since September 2010 in delivering information technology projects to the Watpac group. QVC assisted us in establishing a Project Management Office within Information Systems (IS), provided resources to run the PMO function and provided resources to deliver specific IT projects.

These projects ranged in value between $250,000 and $1,200,000. The specific projects were to roll out a project management solution, to provide a recruitment and on-boarding solution, to deliver improved financial management of  IT within the business and to upgrade the core infrastructure. The project management rollout was cancelled and the infrastructure upgrade has not yet finished, but the first key milestones have been met and the project is on budget. The recruitment and on-boarding solution was delivered significantly under budget, with a 4 week delay caused by unavailability of key business staff. The financial management project was delivered on time and on budget. Another project under the supervision of the PMO (PMO run by QVC but project not using QVC resources) delivered on time and under budget and was runner up to the ITSM Australian project of the year.

The project outcomes (with the exception of the project management solution) were unambiguously good, especially considering there was no history of successful IT project delivery prior to September 2010. The methodology used was based on PMBoK and the resources provided were of high quality. The PMO function matured quickly and delivered high quality reporting, portfolio management and project methodology. The governance arrangements were robust and led to highly visible decision making.

Hugh Peterken