Project Management Foundations Course

Some feedback from a recent participant:

“Overall I found this course useful and creating a project as part of the learning was fantastic. I have a great deal to think about and can see me using a lot of tools from this training for future projects. Thank you”

“I found the course was very interactive and a great way to learn the foundations of project management. It was very beneficial to have a facilitator with such extensive experience in this area. I would definitely recommend this course to others.” 

“I really appreciated the practical applicability of the course.  Hearing Dave’s own experiences from various projects made the principles of project management relatable.  I left the course with a solid, basic understanding of the principles of project management, and also with the appropriate tools to launch my entry into the field.  Being able to use the project I am currently involved with throughout the course also was a  great help. I am keen to apply the learnt principles ASAP!”

“This course provided an excellent overview of the key elements of project management. I will be using many of the tools and approaches from the course on my current and future projects. Dave shares his knowledge and experiences in a way that keeps the course interesting and engaging throughout”

Agile Project Management

Fantastic outcome team.
A great personal achievement for everyone involved and a fantastic advertorial for Agile. I’d like to thank QVC for your commitment and passion for getting this over the line. Its been great to sit right in the middle of this delivery team and watch the interactions in the Standups, the focussed discussions, the commitment and the good humour with which you have executed. Well done.”

Group Executive, large QVC customer

(QVC won a national award for this project)

Project & Program Management

As Chief Information Officer for Watpac Corporate Services, we worked with QVC solutions since September 2010 in delivering information technology projects to the Watpac group. QVC assisted us in establishing a Project Management Office within Information Systems (IS), provided resources to run the PMO function and provided resources to deliver specific IT projects.

These projects ranged in value between $250,000 and $1,200,000. The specific projects were to roll out a project management solution, to provide a recruitment and on-boarding solution, to deliver improved financial management of  IT within the business and to upgrade the core infrastructure. The project management rollout was cancelled and the infrastructure upgrade has not yet finished, but the first key milestones have been met and the project is on budget. The recruitment and on-boarding solution was delivered significantly under budget, with a 4 week delay caused by unavailability of key business staff. The financial management project was delivered on time and on budget. Another project under the supervision of the PMO (PMO run by QVC but project not using QVC resources) delivered on time and under budget and was runner up to the ITSM Australian project of the year.

The project outcomes (with the exception of the project management solution) were unambiguously good, especially considering there was no history of successful IT project delivery prior to September 2010. The methodology used was based on PMBoK and the resources provided were of high quality. The PMO function matured quickly and delivered high quality reporting, portfolio management and project methodology. The governance arrangements were robust and led to highly visible decision making.

Hugh Peterken



Portfolio Management

QVC consistently supplies quality project management professionals to fill client facing delivery roles. Recently QVC provided a candidate of high quality who was able to step into a project management role to cover a short fall in delivery capability. The candidate was chosen for suitability based on preparation QVC did to thoroughly scope the role and understand my management team’s requirements and cultural fit. The candidate arrived pre-briefed by QVC allowing him to quickly come up to speed and immediately add value.

QVC senior leadership has engaged with senior managers within my company to explore project management maturity within the organisation and recommend a strategic roadmap to improve project management practice leading to efficiency improvement across the organisation.

The QVC team always provides reliable, timely advice and service delivery. Their professionalism has been very much appreciated by me as PMO lead and my organisation. I have consistently been provided with a high level, single point of contact within QVC who knows my requirements and is accessible to meet our needs.

I have found QVC’s knowledge of project, program and portfolio management to be industry leading based on a solid foundation and keeping to up to date with best practice.

Steven Haydon

PMO Lead, Telstra iVision

Coaching & Project Management

Coaching and mentoring, methodology implementation and project delivery skills

To Whom it may concern

In early 2012, I was tasked by our CEO to investigate and provide a report on our ability to deliver projects.  The report was presented to our Executive Team and Councillors on how we currently manage projects and how proper project management principles, if applied, could enhance Council’s ability to deliver projects on time, within scope and within budget.  The paper was well received and a budget was allocated to engage a consultant to further investigate our current project delivery capability and implement proper project management processes.

Initially Council’s Contracts and Facilities department would have their processes reviewed and developed with a view to expanding the outcomes across the whole of Council.  After an exhaustive selection process Council engaged QVC Solutions.

During the consultancy QVC has demonstrated excellent capability in developing project and portfolio methodology with the Contracts and Facilities Department of Gladstone Regional Council. The coaching and mentoring has been first class and the leadership in helping to deliver key Council projects has been outstanding.

With the support of QVC, Council’s Contracts and Facilities section has been able to demonstrate to Council the benefits of utilising a project and portfolio methodology.  For this reason, Council is now strongly committed to improving our project management capability and to do so is securing a further consultancy with QVC.

With QVC you really get commitment and quality. They have been persistent in convincing us to get it right and we have now seen the results of our efforts together.

Greg Clarke

Projects Manager

Gladstone Regional Council