PM Foundations

Learn about project management application – not just the concepts. Experience the power of actually using a practical project management process and toolkit with immediate benefits in the way your projects are actually managed. Discover the essential techniques for flawless project planning and control – and how to use them.Time Cost Scope

  • A systematic and proven process to plan and execute projects
  • Templates for high quality project definition, planning and tracking
  • Hands-on use of checklists for better scheduling and resourcing
  • Practice applying the process and tools on your own live projects
  • Insights into effective quality assurance of your project plans
  • Development of project scope, WBS, schedule, resources, risk management plans and more

Excellence in project management is achieved through knowledge of methodology and expertise in its application. Project Management Foundations is a best-practices training course that teaches the day-to-day use of a project management process – the essential concepts, skills and tools for planning and managing projects in today’s dynamic, demanding environments.

Using an involving blend of vibrant presentations, hands-on exercises and innovative tools, this course blends solid principles of project management with practical guidance gained from years of implementation experience with a host of global organisations. You will learn the must-do’s for managing any project, experience working through a step-by-step process for defining and planning a project’s schedule, scope and resources, and discover the vital techniques for measuring performance and controlling risks, changes and issues.

Different to project management certification training programs, Project Management Foundations simulates a real project planning workshop environment, enabling participants to apply the concepts directly to their own projects. This has the dual benefit of hands-on experience to demonstrate the practicality of the process taught, together with valuable tips and guidance from an expert facilitator.

A comprehensive, structured methodology, combined with practical in-class application on real projects – Project Management Foundations provides a powerful learning experience with immediate and sustainable positive impact.


The Project Management Fundamentals course is designed to provide participants with:

  • A structured and practical approach for developing reliable project plans
  • Systematic methods for tracking progress and controlling project outcomes
  • Substantial hands-on practice in applying project management tools and techniques

 Course Outline

A modular approach centering on best practices covers:

  • Typical project challenges
  • Core skills for managing projects
  • Project management processes
  • Critical project success factors
  • Stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Requirements definition and project scoping
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Time, effort and cost estimating
  • Project scheduling and critical path analysis
  • Project plan optimisation
  • Risk identification and management
  • Managing change
  • Project performance monitoring and reporting
  • Project closeout


Course duration is 3 days*.

* Optional:

A reduced content 2-day version

An enhanced 4-day version with Microsoft Project 


Project Management Fundamentals provides several benefits, including the following:
Faster Adoption of Best Practices

 Project Management Fundamentals provides one of the most effective means of embedding project management best practices. By taking participants through a proven, tailored approach to planning, monitoring and control for their own projects, practical skills are more quickly learned and applied than with certification-based training courses.


Fewer Troubled Projects

Project Management Fundamentals sets high standards in ensuring participants are provided ample practice time in-class to build capability and confidence for managing their projects. Highly structured yet practical techniques ensure ‘execution readiness’, so that project teams are fully prepared for handling major challenges in keeping progress on track, controlling risks and managing changes.

Increased Productivity

We focus on converting new knowledge into action immediately, with long-lasting results. QVC facilitators use techniques proven with dozens of leading organisations to quickly translate concepts into hands-on practice, which transform project management habits, build realistic plans that people are truly committed to, and thereby ensure higher productivity of all team members.

Timely Delivery

In today’s highly competitive business environments, Project Management Fundamentals provides a highly effective means of ensuring teams are equipped with the very best in knowledge, skills, plans and tools to minimise the risk of late project completion. Where time-to-solution is critical, our training ensures plans will deliver the project’s objectives on schedule.

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