Project Scheduling

Scheduling your project is one of the most important components of managing your project.  Yet a large number of project managers are not sufficiently proficient in the scheduling tool of choice and only have a good grasp of the fundamentals of scheduling.

One of the best ways that we have found over the years to help embed project scheduling skills in staff is to work through a new project and use or build a schedule template for your organisation.  You send us some sample schedules that your project managers have developed and we will assess any issues.  We can help build a template schedule that we can follow on the day of the course.Scheduling

Our course covers the following topics

  • Creating the WBS and managing tasks
  • Entering estimates (duration, work) and managing calendars
  • Creating dependencies
  • Defining constraints and deadlines
  • Defining and assigning resources and resource pools
  • Conducting critical path and resource analysis
  • Optimising the schedule and leveling resources
  • Conducting a plan quality review
  • Baselining the schedule
  • Implementing tracking cycles
  • Updating the schedule
  • Conducting variance analysis / earned value
  • Creating progress reports

Our course aligns to the Project Management Institute’s global Practice Standard for Scheduling.

This course can be delivered over one or two days and takes your team’s scheduling skills to where they need to be.

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