How We Help

QVC consultants have a wealth of expertise in all aspects of project, program, change and portfolio management, across diverse industries. Our expert and highly skilled consultants can assist you to deliver better outcomes from your change initiatives. With QVC you get the best expertise that can be found, the type you might expect from larger, international brands. We leverage our peers, the lead authors of project management books and methods from around the world. We drive to outcomes that exceed your expectations, ensuring your projects succeed.

Capability Maturity

AXELOS Consulting Partner - conduct in-depth P3M3® assessments, providing improvement roadmaps to help your organisation increase its effectiveness in portfolio, program and project delivery.

Agile Assurance

The critical friend providing continuous assurance to agile and scaled agile projects and programs. Bringing clarity, reducing risk and accelerating decision making.

Gated Review & Assurance

Independent gated assurance reviews, targeted health checks and deep dives into specific areas of programs and projects to help keep them on track.

Agile Transformation

Develop and execute pragmatic transformation strategies unpinned by best practice change management principles and real hands-on agile experience. QVC guide, coach and facilitate effective cultural and behavioural change bespoke to your organisation.

PM Framework

Offer a set of frameworks, tools and guides, consistent with P3M3® level 3, which we can be tailored to your organisation to help manage your projects efficiently and effectively.

PMO Implementation

Design and set up your program management and/or portfolio management office (PMO) to help you prioritise, deliver and track your investment in change.

Risk Management

Conduct risk assessments for your key initiatives, identifying potential areas of concern and providing a clear roadmap to help manage risks.

Strategy & Governance

Helping you establish the right level of governance for your projects and programs, based on their level of risk and complexity. Helping you to pick the winners - initiatives and that align to your strategic goals.

Our Recent Consults

Queensland Health Assurance Partner

Gated Assurance & Health Checks

Queensland Government

ITIL/Agile Management Review & Testing

Beach Energy

Management of Change, Management of Work & Project Management Frameworks & Processes

CDHB Capability Uplift

P3M3 Assessment, PMOaaS, Assurance & Advisory

CS Energy

Capability Uplift, Framework Design & Development and Assurance

CDHB Earthquake Recovery Programme

Assurance & Advisory

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