QVC Solutions is considered by Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and New Zealand Governments as a leading advisor in Agile and Scaled Agile project and program assurance services. We provide independent and expert advice to help you reduce risk, deliver more value and boost stakeholder confidence. QVC partners with organisations to identify critical success factors and barriers to success with projects of high complexity or sensitivity. QVC is expert in P3M Capability Maturity (P3M3®), Agile Transformation and Agile Methodologies including Scaled Agile (SAFe®), XP, Scrum, Kanban and DAD, and we add this value to assurance.

How we help

Continuous Assurance

Partnering with the Sponsor, QVC conducts shorter, more frequent reviews, allowing for early course correction and proactive risk monitoring.

Gate Reviews & Health Checks

Gate reviews at key decision points in the agile project/program lifecycle and pre-gate checks for uninterrupted delivery.

Independence & Facilitation

Witnessing agile ceremonies and tracing of risks and decisions. As well as expert facilitation of governance, planning and risk workshops.

The benefits

Improves clarity

Increased understanding of the initiative’s vision, delivery method, governance and key performance measures using expert techniques.

Reduces risk & accelerates decision making

Reduces risk and removes impediments with well-timed intervention underpinned by evidence/data-based recommendations to decision-makers.

Improves confidence

Improves confidence of delivery teams and sponsor groups that the initiative is on track to deliver the expected outcomes and benefits.

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