The innovative QVC Solutions SMART Assurance Tool allows for a more standardised and streamlined approach to performing Gate Reviews and Health Checks. This tool benefits reviewers by providing clarity, traceability and consistency in conducting reviews, resulting in clear-cut and value-adding advice.

How it helps

Reduces Ambiguity

Combining the Tool with a systemised framework and guidance and quality assurance from a QVC Principal Consultant brings clarity to the review team and initiative team.

Provides Evidence Tracability

The Tool provides traceability in respect of the review areas to probe—from the initial documentation review, to specific interview questions and key findings and recommendations of the report.

Builds Internal Assurance Capability

Assurance Frameworks don't show reviewers the intricate skills and techniques used by leading reviewers. QVC uses the Tool as an enabler to build internal capability as it provides the guard rails and systematic process for reviewers to deliver incisive advice.

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