QVC Solutions is considered by Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and New Zealand Governments as a leading advisor in project and program assurance services. We provide independent and expert advice to help you to reduce risk and deliver greater outcomes. QVC helps organisations identify critical success factors and barriers to success with projects with high complexity or sensitivity. QVC is also expert in capability maturity (P3M3) and we can add this value to assurance.

How we help

Gateway Review & Health Check

Gateway reviews at key decision points in the project/program lifecycle

Assurance Partnership

Deliver independent and critical advice through the whole initiative lifecycle, providing continuity across programs and their constituent projects to ensure they keep on track

Agile Assurance

Adaption of the traditional assurance review to focus on agile practices, rituals, tools and behaviours

Business, User and Technical

Partner with your organisation to provide project/program level business, user and/or technical assurance as required

The benefits

Improves clarity

Increased understanding of the project and program key success criteria, scope and outcomes

Reduces risk

Helps to reduce risk and strengthen the likely return on the investment and benefits realisation

Improves confidence

Improve investment confidence that the initiative is delivering on time, cost and quality

We want to help you.

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