Project Management

Engagement Models

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QVC operates with several engagement models to suit your needs.

  • Individual contract project manager time and materials
  • Project management as an outcome or time and materials
  • Whole project as an outcome or time and materials
  • Outsourced project management

Assured Outcomes

Key deliverables or products developed by our people are peer reviewed by senior QVC staff at no additional cost to the customer. This is a QVC standard practice and helps us to always deliver a great outcome for our customers.

Expert Staff

Customers always get the best possible staff for the assignment.  There’s no hoping that the recruitment via an agency will work out, there’s no nervousness about the engage. The customer has full confidence in the engagement.

Customer Focussed

QVC only works with people who are customer focussed with a helping attitude. Nobody in our delivery organisation is focussed on financials. Our existence is directed at improving the recognition of project management as a profession and helping people and organisations improve their project outcomes.

Performance Appraisals

All significant assignments undergo an appraisal process at least once. Usually within 6 weeks of commencement and then later on as required. This is an internal quality assurance and engages the customer’s management to ensure QVC is on the right track.

Methods & Process

We make it our business to be expert in every method and technique possible. QVC will be able to work with your methodology and tools or we won’t take on the assignment. That includes PRINCE2 anything based on PMBOK and AgilePM.

Skills Transfer

At QVC we understand the importance of embedding intellectual property within the customer’s business. Our reputation depends on how successful we are in achieving this. We always try to bring our customer’s people along the journey and ensure there is an adequate handover when appropriate.

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